About Us

We're a small technology company located in Garden City, MI, a suburb of Detroit. Years of freelance work have turned into an established business. During the freelance journey, we experienced clients of all types and sizes. From small local businesses to international corporations.

Core Values

We're dedicated as a company to provide superior service to all of our clients and all of the people who are regularly using the tools and platforms developed by us.

We strive to push the boundaries of technology. We encourage dedication towards new world changing technology. We love improving upon already useful platforms and networks.

#Excellence. We're all about perfection. A product, service or technology can't be cherished by the world until it is as close to flawless as possible!

One of our primary goals is to do good. We look forward to improving the world in the best ways we can.

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Biegalski, LLC BBB Business Review
Biegalski, LLC BBB Business Review