Technology is always evolving. Every year new tools, tips and techniques are released to help assist with problems and provide a better user experience. In this article we will dive into some relatively unknown WordPress optimization tips for 2017. Let us begin...

AngularJS & WordPress

AngularJS is an extremely popular JavaScript framework with a basic concept: single page web apps. Through the power of AngularJS, you can give your audience the best user experience possible. Your website is loaded on the initial pageload and content and images are swapped out dynamically.

The benefits to a single page web app include:

  • High Speed — since everything is pulled in dynamically, your page content will load extremely quick
  • Low Bandwidth — this is a huge benefit for your mobile users as well as your actual server configuration
  • Bleeding Edge Features — provide mobile app-like features within your website
  • Reduce RAM usage on server — process data via JSON objects instead of PHP

You get all of the above while still maintaining your content using the traditional WordPress Dashboard. Building a theme using AngularJS & WordPress is a little different, you can find various tutorials across the internet. However, there are themes you can download and configure to your liking, such as: Foxhound

Asset CleanUp

WordPress provides a powerful way to load asset files via its enqueue style and script functionality. With great power comes great responsibility and this power is constantly abused. Theme and Plugin authors are always in a rush pushing out code. Sometimes, you'll be loading CSS or JS files for a plugin or theme on a page that doesn't need these CSS or JS files. This creates overhead for your users, sucking up more bandwidth and increasing page load time.

There are various plugins to combat this issue. One is example is: WP Asset CleanUp WP Asset CleanUp scans your page and detects all the assets that are loaded. All you have to do when editing a page/post is just to select the ones you DO NOT wish to load.

Hosting Environment Dedicated To WordPress

WP Engine is a great host for WordPress websites. Not only does a hosting plan include a plethora of features but you will also benefit from their bleeding edge speeds.

Their servers are specifically designed to host and serve WordPress based websites. You will have the power to easily scale up as your website grows and you will have access to an amazing Support team that quickly and efficiently responds to any issues you may be experiencing.

WordPress Optimization Services

A few of the above techniques require either a website rebuild or website host migration. Both of these tasks can be tedious and detrimental if done inappropriately.

Biegalski LLC offers WordPress Optimization Services!

We can use a combination of common proven techniques along with our own methods to optimize your current WordPress website without migrating or rebuilding it.

With our services, you can expect:

  • A decrease in your WordPress websites pageload time — the quicker it loads, the happier your users will be
  • A decrease in bandwidth consumption from heavy assets — your mobile users will use less data loading your website
  • Caching — preferably at a server level if we can't we can configure a popular plugin
  • CDN (content delivery network) — serve content stored closer to your users based on their geographic location
  • WordPress Hardening / Security — increasing security boosts performances, bots and attacks take up valuable system resources you can dedicate to real users
  • And much much more...

If you're interested in optimizing your current website: Request A Quote