Pokemon Go has literally taken over the world. If you haven't noticed the hundreds if not thousands of people everywhere, wandering around exploring, you may be living under a rock. The latest craze has people of all ages traveling around outside getting fit! All of them in search for the rarest Pokemon they can find and realistically stumbling across a ton of Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas.

Small businesses can capitalize on this explosion of potential customers!! Begin today...

There are many ways in which businesses of all sizes can ride the latest trend to success! In this article we'll describe various ways you can tackle this potential growth in customers!

Luring Customers (Pokemon Trainers) In

If your business happens to be located near a Pokestop, stop everything you're doing and open up Pokemon Go! If you have no idea what a Pokestop is or if you're even near one, check the Ingress Map. Ingress is the original game of which Pokemon Go basically bases its map on. Find your real-world location on the virtual map and see if you're one of the lucky ones.

If you happen to be lucky, quickly purchased lures in the Pokemon Go Store. Toss a lure down at the Pokestop and witness potential customers flock to your location! The lures attract pokemon which ultimately attract people who you can potentially convert into paying customers.

This would be ideal for local restaurants. Hey, Pokemon Trainers gotta eat during their adventures!

Fitness Programs At Real-life Gyms

The world is getting exercise. There are literally memes all over the internet of Pokemon Go'ers complaining about leg cramps and other sores from too much outdoor activities. If your real-life gym trainers can invent a Pokemon Go routine for people trying to be virtual gym leaders, you'll be diving into Scrooge McDuck bucks. This may even be able to retain the New Years Resolution crowd who usually end up canceling after a month of two.

Offer Various Discounts

Gym Leader Discounts

In Pokemon Go, after level 5, you select which team you will join. The teams include Team Valor [Red], Team Mystic [Blue] and Team Instinct [Yellow]. If your business happens to actually be a Pokemon Go Gym or within close vicinity of a gym than you have an opportunity.

You can offer some type of discount to the current Gym Leading Team. The discount you offer depends on your type of business but players can quick and easily show you which team they joined and you can see in real-time if their team currently occupies the gym. Gyms are frequently being taken over and reclaimed so be on your toes to check which team currently holds it down!

This could work for any type of business if you have imagination. Restaurants, Autoshops, Gamestop, Grocery Stores and more. A good suggestion would be to offer 10% off products or services.

Rare Pokemon Discounts

Your potential customer base drops with this suggestion but you could offer a better discount. If Pokemon Go players can show you that they have one of the extremely rare Pokemon, you could increase the discount to say: 25% off? You could even offer different levels of a discount based on rarity.

Extremely Rare/Mythical Pokemon include: Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Ditto.

Extremely Difficult to obtain Pokemon include: Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, Farfetch'd and Gyarados

Difficult Pokemon to obtain, depending on your location, include: Lapras, Snorlax and Porygon

High Level Discounts

Another discount route you can take is to offer discounts based on a customers highest level Pokemon. Similar to the original video games from nearly two decades ago, Pokemon Go allows you to level up your Pokemon.

People are quickly leveling up their Pokemon so hop on this discount fast!

Any other brilliant ideas or suggestions?

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