It has long been suggested to target "long-tail keywords" when optimizing a website for search engines. With advancements in technology and personal assistants like: Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo Alexa and the upcoming Google Assistant; SEO is evolving. Voice search is the fastest growing type of search.[1]

Searches on the internet are becoming more conversational as more and more people rely on voice search. People search differently when using voice search compared to typing out their search query.

When using a keyboard to search, people primarily tend to use shorthanded keyword phrases rather than conversational sentences. SEO Experts need to adapt to contextual sentences.

Search Engine giants have been developing machine learning into their algorithms for quite some time. Google RankBrain, the third most important ranking factor[2], understands. RankBrain can interpret what you are really trying to search for and return optimum results. By understanding the context and meaning behind the words in your search query, RankBrain can serve voice search users exactly what they are searching for.

Local Search

Voice search can have a drastic impact on local searches. Based on location context, search engines can return results specific to you. Voice search users can ask their personal assistent questions like "where is the closest restaurant" or "who has the best chicken shawarmas" and search engines will only show results for places close to your current location.


You have to figure out how people are conversationally searching for your industry, business or niche. This can be difficult with all of the different languages and slang around the world.

Using your smartphone or device - open up Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo Alexa, Google Assistant or whatever flavor personal assistant you use. Now experiment with the various phrases and words you would use to search with. Ask a colleague or associate how they would use their personal assistant to search for something related to what you're targeting.

Once you have determined the best types of phrases and sentences your target audience will use, it is time to implement them into your content.