Microsoft Dynamics® CRM provides a convenient way to add text to your Portal's Title Tag.

This solution is great for adding your Portal Name or Company Name to the end of every page. This provides great usability for your users. They'll be able to easily identify your Portal in tabs and bookmarks within their browser.

Follow the quick steps below:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, navigate to: Portal > Content > Content Snippets
  2. Find or Create a Browser Title Suffix content snippet
  3. Input your Portal Name or Company Name into the Value section of this snippet
  4. Save the snippet

You have successfully added text to your Portals Title Tag on every page! Congratulations! Crack a beer and celebrate!!

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Mike Biegalski

Biegalski LLC


A professional full stack developer, having experience in all aspects of the development cycle. Actively diving into new technology just to experience the workflow and see how it functions.

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