Here is a quick and easy to follow tutorial on adding custom JavaScript files to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Portals.

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, navigate to: Portal > Content > Content Snippets
  2. Find or Create a snippet named: Head/Bottom
  3. In the Value section add any custom JS files you require. Make sure to embed them with the <script> tag.
  4. Save the snippet

You have now successfully embeded custom JS files into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal. If you head to your frontend facing portal and view the source code, you will see these JavaScript files appearing now!

Of course we highly suggest serving these JS files from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)!

Know of any other Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ADX Studio tricks? Leave em in the comments below to help people out!!

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Mike Biegalski

Biegalski LLC


A professional full stack developer, having experience in all aspects of the development cycle. Actively diving into new technology just to experience the workflow and see how it functions.

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