Custom Solutions

We build scalable, software as a service platforms and embedded technologies.
Let us build your system, a few popular examples are included below:

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Platform

We can build a CRM platform custom designed for your business!

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Franchise Relationship Management

FRM Platform

Grow your franchise network with a custom FRM platform!

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Lead Management

Leads Platform

Manage and nurture your leads with a custom leads platform.

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Private Intranet

Private Intranet

Run a custom private network that is accessible only to your organization's staff!

Email Drip Campaign

Email Marketing Automation

Operate a customized email drip marketing platform for your leads!


Internet of Things

Operate everyday devices using the internet and collect data!

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Feature Additions/Enhancements

If you already have a custom application built, we specialize in implementing custom features into your platform. We are also capable of applying enhancements to current functionality within your software. We can improve your current platform!

Software as a Service Development

Quality Assurance

Is your current system buggy? Do you want it reviewed for security holes and vulnerabilities? We believe in high quality architecture and want your system to be as bug free as possible. Don't go into production half-baked, make sure your platform is ready!

Biegalski, LLC BBB Business Review
Biegalski, LLC BBB Business Review