Laravel Mailgun WebHooks

Do you use Laravel and Mailgun? With this package, you'll be able to log every outgoing email and associate it with individual users in your web application. This package logs the status of the email (delivered, bounced, etc...), stores the email content in your database and can alert you of failed outgoing emails. Perfect for giving your users or administration an email log for each individual user.


This package allows you to quick and easily integrate your Laravel application with Mailgun Webhooks thus allowing you to track the outgoing email status for each individual user.

  • Log when an email was delivered to a specific user
  • Log when an email failed to send to a specific user
  • etc...

This may be useful information you want to display to your end users or to a certain subset of users (Managers, Moderators, Admins, etc...).

Email Content Storage

This package will also store the content of the emails sent if you need to reference them at any point in the future. There are many use-cases for why this information is valuable.

  • Verify a customers complaint with information in the email they received a few weeks ago
  • Validate that a customer isn't altering / falsifying an email to benefit their case
  • etc...


This package allows gives you the ability to set it up so that you receive alerts for specific things. You have the ability to turn on and off the type of notifications you want to receive.

  • Get notified when an email fails to deliver to a user
  • Get notified when a user files a spam complaint
  • etc...
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